About me

My name is Mercedesz Ficzere. I moved to Shetland in January 2020 because the island's rich culture was a great attraction to me and I wanted to develop my English further.
I earned my pastry chef qualification in Budapest, Hungary, in 2014. During my years as a trainee, I had the opportunity to work at the Le Meridien Budapest, where I had the privilege of getting to know the marvel known as macarons.

After obtaining my pastry chef qualification, life led me toward the field of economics, and for several years after earning my diploma, I worked in accounting. However, here in Shetland, my passion for macarons was reignited. Yet, creating the macarons you see in the pictures was a long and challenging journey. I experienced countless failures, sitting in front of the oven, hoping that this time they would turn out well. It took me at least a year of experimentation to discover the right proportions, identify the perfect ingredients and tools, not to mention mastering the baking parameters!

However, all along, I knew and believed that every ounce of effort and dedication would yield fruit, and here we are! :)

For those who have tasted my macarons, you know that they are out of this world! I have received numerous feedback that my macarons are the finest and most delicious in the UK, and I take immense pride in that.

For those who have yet to taste my creations, I encourage you to give them a try. I'm sure you'll be satisfied.
My business is still very small for now. My network is also in its early stages of growth because I've only been living here since 2020. But I believe that this can't be an obstacle to success, and I try to accomplish everything from my own resources. My goal is for my small business to continue to grow, partly with the help of this website, and provide an increasingly wide range of macarons for Shetland's macaron lovers.
Therefore I am genuinely thankful for all the support that I consistently receive from you!

Please help spread the word!